Monday, October 3, 2011

24 Hour Comic Book Day

Oh the Caffeine! OH the sleep deprivation! I can admit to the fact that I totally wimped out at the last few hours and went home. I was able to get a ton of cool pages out though. Amazing what an impossible deadline can do to you! I was able to create one of my finest creations -

Jake put together one hell of a cool story that went in a ton of fun directions. He better finish that book and sell it to his mob of fans. This guy... he is going to be super rich.

Josh showed up and showed off new pages to Gross Grandpa! #2. This stuff is fantastic. Its brave and over the top. I cannot stress the amazingness of the pages enough. He is hand lettering the whole book! He is using a ton of sound effects and cool design elements. I am super jealous and proud of him for going for it at the level he is. He really pushed the envelope... Then kicked it in the teeth and spit on it. Then laughed at it.

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